CPR Certification Training

Reason to learn CPR

There are so many reasons to learn CPR. Learning CPR can help save someone’s life. It’s really easy to learn and you don’t have to be a medical provider to learn how to perform CPR. You can increase the chance of survival of someone having a cardiac arrest. Many times cardiac arrest happens outside of the hospital. When your heart stops beating the oxygen is prevented from reaching the brain which is required to sustain life. When we start CPR the blood is able to circulate back to the brain and flow to other vital organs. This gives the person the best chance of survival. Learning CPR can give you the confidence to perform CPR in a scary situation. You are more likely to perform CPR on a person you care about, friends or bystander. Sudden cardiac arrest doesn’t just affect the elderly or the sick, it can occur as a result of drowning, heart abnormalities, trauma, electrocution, drug overdose, and other medical causes. If you are interested in signing up for one of our courses please reach out to us directly.

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