CPR Group Classes In Austin

BLS for Healthcare Providers Skills Session

Many people who work in the healthcare field—or who may be the first on the scene of an accident—need a higher level of CPR training this is called Basic Life Support. At CPR Training Austin we offer BLS for healthcare provider skills sessions. You may be wondering what is a “skills session” and what can I expect when coming in for a skills session check-off?

A skills session can be scheduled after the student has completed the Heartcode BLS by the American Heart Association. This module is purchased separately on the American Heart Association website. The Heartcode allows the student the complete the “classroom” work at their own pace at home. Students will have access to the electronic copy of the BLS book thru the module. The module is computer adaptive and personalizes learning based on how the student is doing during the course, self-reported confidence in certain topics, and how the student answers questions. After completion of the online module, the student will receive a certificate of completion which they will need to bring to the course.

What can I expect during a BLS skills check-off? We offer BLS Skills check-offs in Austin, TX. This is offered if you are doing a BLS Renewal or BLS initial course in Austin, TX. Our skills check-offs can be scheduled online. You will only need to bring the certificate of completion to the skills session from the online module. We will provide the mannikins, AED trainer and airway equipment. Every student will demonstrate hands-on CPR skills with an experienced instructor on adult, child, and infant scenarios. Additional practice will be allowed for infant choking. After every student has had an opportunity to practice there will be a skills test for the same scenarios from the practice portion. After successful completion of the skills check every student will receive a certificate from the American Heart Association by email within one business day. This course completion card is good for 2 years.

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