Epinephrine Injection

Early Epinephrine injections

The American Heart Association 2020 guidelines recommends the use of early epinephrine in non-shockable rhythms. Examples of rhythms would be PEA or asystole. Early recognition of cardiac arrest in the AHA algorithm can lead to a higher chance of survival. The dosing remains the same in the 2020 guidelines administering 1mg IV every 3-5 minutes of epinephrine while maintaining high-quality CPR. We would also be focusing on minimizing pauses in chest compressions if one compressor is tired or 2 minutes has gone by we can allow the switch of the compressor. The compression to breathing ratio remains the same. We would be administering 30 compressions to 2 breath ratio. Avoiding excessive ventilation is important when performing this algorithm. Our goal would be to place an advanced airway like an endotracheal tube. After placement of the advanced airway, we would be able to administer 1 breath every 6 seconds safely.

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