How to prepare for an ACLS course?

ACLS Precourse Requisites

Preparing for your AHA ACLS renewal and Heartcode skills check-off test will likely be a part of your necessary training as a healthcare provider. ACLS protocols encompass numerous invasive procedures that involve both basic and advanced life support procedures. Typically a certification takes 10-12 hours, and you can prepare for it ahead of time by becoming familiar with its algorithms. If you are taking an in-person ACLS renewal course a precourse assessment and precourse work is necessary to attend the class. In the precourse assessment, you will be tested on knowledge of clinical scenarios and ACLS protocols. The precourse work outlines important concepts of ACLS in video format and it will prepare you to answer questions following each video segment. In the Heartcode you will take the majority of the ACLS course online thru a computer adaptive learning program. The Heartcode ACLS targeted at healthcare professionals who are first responders to cardiac-related emergencies. The course mainly reflects resuscitation and emergency cardiovascular care. Students will learn recognition and early management of respiratory and cardiac arrest, periarrest conditions, and airway management. Students will also learn to effectively communicate as a part of a resuscitation team. In both cases, you will need basic knowledge of BLS in the adult population, ECG rhythm interpretation, pharmacology used in ACLS. We have a table below that will help you obtain your certification through CPR Training Austin.

BLSBe able to perform high-quality CPR in adults, AED use, and bag-mask valve ventilationBLS Course
ACLS Provider Manual
ECG rhythm interpretationBe able to identify on a monitor and paper tracing
-Normal sinus rhythm
-Sinus bradycardia
-Type I second degree AV block
-Type II second degree AV block
-Third degree AV block
-Sinus tachycardia
-Superventricular tachycardia
-Atrial fibrillation
-Atrial flutter
-Ventricular tachycardia (monomorphic and polymorphic)
-Ventricular fibrillation
-Organized rhythm without a pulse
ACLS Provider Manual
PharmacologyHave basic understanding of essential drugs used in
-Cardiac arrest
-Tachycardia with adequate perfusion
-Tachycardia with poor perfusion
-Post cardiac arrest care
ACLS Provider Manual
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