Lost your CPR card?

Can’t find your card and need an American Heart Association CPR card replacement? Keep reading to find out how to replace your paper card or reprint your eCard.

The place where you received your CPR training will be responsible for issuing all CPR cards. The AHA Training Center can issue you a duplicate card if a card is lost, destroyed or otherwise becomes unusable. All requests for duplicate or replacement cards must be submitted directly to the Training Center that issued the original card. Please note that a Training Center may charge a fee for reissuing a card.

Replacement AHA Completion Cards

Print Card

The American Heart Association used to provide paper completion cards. However, in 2017 they switched over to electronic eCards. Since all American Heart Association certifications are valid for two (2) years, print cards will soon become obsolete.

AHA eCard

When the American Heart Association switched over to eCards in 2017, it made the process of obtaining a replacement card much simpler. To receive a replacement eCard, you must have first claimed your card after completing the course.

To Claim an eCard:

Before reaching out to your Training Center to request a new card, first try to run a few searches in your email inbox to make sure you didn’t overlook the email with the link to access your eCard.

  • Search and make sure you don’t have any emails from: [email protected] or [email protected]
  • It’s possible that the email would have come directly from the Training Center’s email. Run a search with the name of their organization.

    If you are having technical/computer issues with claiming your eCard, please call the AHA tech support line at 888-242-8883 (M-F 8 am – 5 pm CST).  The American Heart Association provides technical support for the American Heart Association® eCard.

    When you need a copy of your card for work or school, it can be frustrating when you can’t find it. American Heart Association CPR card replacement is easier than ever now that they are only using eCards.

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