Lifevac Reviews

What is a Lifevac Device?

Lifevac is an emergency device used when an adult or child is choking.  An obstructed airway (choking) being a relatively preventable injury, it has a considerable mortality burden globally, with increasing incidence. It is a non-invasive single-use device that can help clear an obstruction in someone’s airway. The device consists of a one-way valve and a plunger attached to a standard face mask. When the plunger is pushed down, air escapes out the sides of the valve and not into the victim’s airway; when the plunger is pulled back, negative pressure is generated and it suctions out the lodged material. This can be implemented when traditional choking relief techniques are not successful.

How can I trust your opinion?

My opinion is based on my medical knowledge. I am a certified registered nurse anesthetist. Many specifics of my job require us to be airway management experts along with many other responsibilities. We deal with issues related to obstruction on a regular basis. This device is very similar to some of the techniques we use in the hospital but with medical-grade power suction equipment.

How easy is it to learn to use the device?

Lifevac offers free online training this is a great start to learning the parts of the device and how to use the product. In my opinion, it’s like taking a CPR class online you could get the information online but it makes more sense if someone shows you how to practice the compressions. I think the same goes for the Lifevac device getting practice on the device helps when you are actually in an emergency. The technique requires you to get a good seal on the mask on the choking person’s face with one hand, then pull up on the device with the other hand. This can be an awkward technique and I think having someone show you on a mannikin will be really helpful.

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